Small-town lifestyle in the heart of Sonoma.

Welcome to Sebastopol

Small-town lifestyle in the heart of Sonoma
Tucked away in the heart of Sonoma is one of California’s most beautiful and desirable communities. Sebastopol has always been an agricultural center with some of the most splendid farms and recognizable horticulturists paving the way. Originally founded during the California Gold Rush, this town quickly became known for its apple orchards and famed farming community. 
Today, the town is exceptionally vibrant with numerous dining, shopping, and recreational opportunities. This combination of bucolic beauty and small-town charm has helped turn Sebastopol into one of the most affluent and preferred communities around.

What to Love

  • Beautiful bucolic scenery
  • Fantastic small shops and local restaurants
  • Peaceful and laid-back lifestyle
  • Care and consideration for nature 

People & Lifestyle

Sebastopol’s high level of desirability and incomparable beauty has made it one of the most affluent communities in Sonoma. The majority of residents hold professional, white-collar jobs in executive or managerial positions, and the average annual household income is well over the national average. 
In their downtime, residents prefer a much more laid-back and tranquil lifestyle. They enjoy being away from the hustle and bustle of city life in favor of the peaceful and quiet serenity that Sebastopol offers. There is also a distinct appreciation for outdoor recreational activities in the area, with numerous parks and green spaces found throughout the neighborhood.    

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Sebastopol’s dining scene is inarguably one of the best around, with world-class restaurants and delicious eateries on every corner. The Barlow is a stunning 12-acre outdoor market where residents can enjoy great local shopping options as well as some of the best food around. This one-of-a-kind marketplace has eateries such as Blue Ridge Kitchen, Red Bird Bakery, and Two Dog Night Creamery. No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’re sure to find it. 
HopMonk Tavern is another local favorite, serving classic American dishes with a twist, such as homemade pickle fries, Nashville hot fried chicken, and chili verde. When residents are in the mood for Japanese, Ramen Gaijin is always a brilliant choice. Their approach to authentic ramen has earned them the love of every guest that walks through their door. 
Merry Edwards Winery is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful spots in all of Sebastopol. Considered pioneers of Sonoma Wine Country, this award-winning vineyard has some of the best wines in the area, a beautiful tasting room, and a stunning landscape for guests to enjoy.

Things to Do

Sebastopol’s proximity to San Francisco and the abundant natural land surrounding the community means residents are never short on things to occupy their spare time. Ragle Ranch Park is just one of the many opportunities for residents to get out and enjoy themselves, either biking, birding, or even playing tennis. 
There are also numerous events and activities held throughout the year to give residents something to look forward to. The annual Sebastopol Apple Blossom Festival is one of the most anticipated events of the year. A family-friendly event celebrating the beauty of the local area, guests can enjoy great food, amazing music, exhibitions, art shows, and even a parade. 
The Sebastopol Film Festival is another beloved annual event celebrating world-class documentary film-making that both challenges and inspires viewers. This three-day event attracts filmmakers from around the world and is one of the biggest events in Sonoma. 
Avid music lovers will enjoy the Flatbed Music Festival. Designed to support individual and independent musicians, this one-of-a-kind festival brings together the spirit of the community. With live concerts throughout the weekend, guests can discover some of the best local musicians and show them the support that they deserve.  
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