Rohnert Park/Cotati

Small-town charm and picturesque scenery in the heart of Sonoma.

Welcome to Rohnert Park & Cotati

Small-town charm and picturesque scenery in the heart of Sonoma
Rohnert Park and Cotati are two of Sonoma’s most charming and unique communities. Made up of a blend of newer and older homes, residents enjoy friendly neighborhoods, top-quality schools, and an overwhelming sense of community that has helped make these areas especially attractive to families and young professionals. 
While Rohnert Park remained primarily farmland until the early 1900s, Cotati was developed predominantly in the mid-1800s. Designed with a hexagonal street layout coming together to form the city center, there is a definite sense of unity and township in Cotati that is unmistakable no matter where you look. 
Today, these two communities are filled with delicious restaurants, small and unique shops, and numerous recreational activities that the whole family can enjoy.  

What to Love

  • Small-town charm
  • Fantastic small shops and local restaurants 
  • Fun-filled and family-friendly neighborhoods
  • Numerous outdoor recreational activities 

People & Lifestyle

Both Rohnert Park and Cotati are predominantly populated by families and younger professionals looking to build a home in one of Sonoma’s more affordable areas. Residents often work in a combination of professional white-collar and service-oriented positions, with an average annual household income slightly above the national average. 
Families living in these communities are extremely appreciative of the natural scenery around them. Many prefer to live a healthy and outdoorsy lifestyle, taking advantage of the numerous parks and green spaces found throughout the neighborhoods.  

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

The dining scene in both Rohnert Park and Cotati are some of the most eclectic and exciting around, with delectable restaurants and eateries on every corner. Oliver’s Market is a favorite among locals for all of their grocery shopping. Dedicated to offering local products and serving the community, customers can find everything they need, from baked goods to delicious local produce and high-quality seafood every time they visit.  
Sushiko in Cotati is another local hotspot and a great place to try some of the best Japanese cuisine around. Their menu includes twists on classic dishes such as smoked mussel and eggplant miso soup, honey and soy roasted duck breast, and roasted Maine salmon. 
Graton Resort & Casino in Rohnert Park is a staple in the community, offering great entertainment opportunities throughout the year as well as some of the best restaurants around. Their list of dining options includes Tony’s of North Beach for quality Italian, 630 Park Steakhouse, and Boathouse Asian Eatery.

Things to Do

These two communities are unbelievably close to San Francisco, ensuring that there is never a shortage of things for residents to do in their spare time. However, both Rohnert Park and Cotati offer numerous events throughout the year right in town that showcase the beauty of the area around them. 
The annual Accordion Festival is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Established in 1991, this long-standing community staple is held to benefit the local youth as well as celebrate a love of all things accordion and attract performers from around the country year after year. Sonoma State University’s Green Music Center is another beloved local venue. Here, residents can enjoy high-quality music, putting on events and concerts throughout the year. 
Taste of Sonoma is another brilliant organization dedicated to promoting Sonoma as one of the world’s premier wine regions. Representing over 200 local wineries and small businesses, rest assured that they’ll be able to help you find the best of the best each and every time. Or, you can always visit any of the wonderful and award-winning local wineries for yourself, offering you a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Karah Estate Vineyard in Cotati is one of the most beautiful locations in the community—the view itself will leave you breathless. 
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Rohnert Park/Cotati Rohnert Park/Cotati

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